Hospitality Manager

Are your sales low?

Does your property need proper management?

Is your turnover in staff weighing you down?

Do you want to reap the profits of your property without having to do the dirty work of day to day operations and want to leave it to a management company you can trust that will continue what you have started and ensure your property will prosper more?

Welcome to BARK Hospitality, LLC

Bark Hospitality, LLC is a fully integrated hotel development and hospitality management company providing hotel management and hotel development ensuring maximum profits for your investment. Your success is our success. We will provide your facility our management expertise to obtain a high level of revenue and guest satisfaction.

define BARK:  the protective layer of a tree 


choosing BARK HOSPITALITY, LLC ensures your investment is protected for a lifetime…

Beneficent, Attentive, Responsible and Knowledgeable

Proud Supporter of The Veteran Owned Business Project!